Monday, March 9, 2009

For the right wedding...

How gorgeous are these piece of jewelry? They are TRULY works of art in my opinion. I found these while surfing etsy in Rebecca3030's shop and instantly fell in love. I totally recognize they may not be for everyone since they certainly make a statement, but I think the also have a beautiful sense of softness and femininity to them that would be lovely as a bridal piece. They would be lovely for a bridesmaid too (she has so more understated pieces in there as well). I just had to share. I got so excited when I saw them.

Sorry I've been MIA lately by the way. My computer has been on the fritz (hence in inconsistency in photo size as well) and it will soon be replaced with a new, shiny, WORKING computer. My thesis paper is finished (Phew!) and I'm starting my project as well as finishing up my self branding suite (letterhead, biz cards, etc.) and working on preparing my portfolio (re-rendering everything from Junior year). So I'm still a busy girl, but I will try and update more often. Stick with me. :)

PS: Oh what I wouldn't give for this charm bracelet by Rebecca3030. How gorgeous is that? MUSTS SAVE MONEY!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lela Rose at Payless

For those of us who can't afford one of Lela Rose's gorgeous dream dresses but want to wear a little bit of Lela on our wedding day (or any day for that matter), Payless has jumped on the designer bandwagon! Lela designed a line of shoes and handbags that can now be purchased in Payless stores or online. Here are a few of my favorites, but you can find the full line and learn about Lela here.